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Dogs and cats from abroad

In our practice we see an increasing number of dogs and cats adopted or brought over from abroad. Normally, these animals originally come from another country but now reside in the Netherlands. In our practice, this has commonly included animals from Spain, Greece and Romania, to name a few.

No matter how well-intentioned the transferring of a pet from another country is, the medical problems that they can have are not always initially considered. Diseases such as Leishmania, heartworm and Erhlichia are regularly seen in dogs in the Mediterranean; and these can still cause problems after their arrival in the Netherlands. This can still be the case even if your pet appeared healthy upon arrival. We are also alert to various problems with dogs from Eastern Europe.

The so-called “import diseases” are a special focus area of ​​veterinarian Van Brakel. Through her experiences in Spain, she is well acquainted with a number of common disorders in the Mediterranean. By receiving further training in the Netherlands, she keeps her knowledge in this area up to date.

If you have a dog or cat who who has lived in another country and you have questions about their health or vaccination status or would like general advice, please contact us for more information. We are happy to help and can give advice customised to each individual patient.